international advisory committee

DigiGen has established an International Advisory Committee (IAC), which consists of a small group of international figures in the field able and willing to provide independent advice and expertise to the Consortium Members. Members of the IAC are selected for their outstanding experience and expertise relevant to the themes addressed in DigiGen and with the aim of reaching a wide range of non-academic communities, maximising the project’s impact in those spheres.

Sian Bayne

Professor of Digital Education

University of Edinburgh
– United Kingdom –

Her research interests revolve around the changes undergoing learning and teaching as it shifts online – current particular interests are critical approaches to teacher automation, open and distance education.

Jo Tondeur

Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
– Belgium –

Jo Tondeur’s research focuses on ICT integration in teaching and learning processes and how this can be associated with teacher and school characteristics.

Lina Dencik

Reader/Co-Director Data Justice Lab, School of Journalism, Media and Culture

Cardiff University
– United Kingdom –

Her research concerns the interplay between media developments and social and political change, with a particular focus on resistance and globalisation.

Nancy Law

Professor, Faculty of Education

The University of Hong Kong
– Hong Kong –

She has extensive research experience in the area of network models of teacher learning and leadership for educational innovation. She is currently leading an interdisciplinary project on learning and assessment for digital citizenship.

Neil Selwyn

Professor, Faculty of Education

Monash University
– Australia –

One of the leading international academics in the critical studies of education, technology and society. A major focus of his work is on the (non)use of digital media by children and young people in everyday life.

Ola Erstad

Professor, Department of Education

University of Oslo
– Norway –

His areas of teaching expertise are learning, technology and education, children and youth in modern society. He was chair of the scientific advisory committee for Science Europe in Brussels from 2015-2018.

Shanon Phelan

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

University of Alberta
– Canada-

Shanon Phelan focuses on understanding and improving participation, inclusion, and social justice for children who experience disability and their families.

Richard J. Aldrich

Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies

University of Warwick
– United Kingdom –

Richard Aldrich’s main research interests lie in the area of intelligence and security communities as well as the future of cybersecurity, liberty and privacy, set against the background of accelerating globalisation.

Elizabeth Milovidov


Law Professor and eSafety consultant
– France –

She is an independent expert on digital parenting and children and internet for the children’s rights division of the Council of Europe as well as a consultant to e-Enfance for international cooperation and UNICEF for child online protection.

Andrea Parola

Project Manager

ICT Coalition for Children Online
– Belgium –

Andrea coordinates the ICT Coalition bringing together many representatives of the ICT industry in Brussels. The coalition aims to help younger internet users across Europe to make the most of the online world and deal with potential challenges and risks.