related projects

DigiGen is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. Under the same call, Horizon 2020 has funded three other projects focusing on the impact of technological transformations on children and youth. These projects are called: DIGYMATEX, ySKILLS and CO:RE. For more information you can visit their project websites.

DIGYMATEX plans to develop the Digital Youth Maturity Index. It is an EU-funded project that aims to provide evidence-based tools to assist in understanding and determining children’s digital maturity. The project wishes to provide clear evidence on how digital maturity impacts ICT behaviour of children at the ages of 9–16.

Digitisation is changing society. ICTs strongly impact children’s and adolescents’ wellbeing. In order to benefit from these, new skill sets are required. Youth Skills (acronym: ySKILLS) aims to enhance and maximise long-term positive impact of the digital environment.

CO:RE’s aim is to create a comprehensive pan-European knowledge platform with the participation of international researchers, educators, policy makers and concerned dialogue groups. Providing an overview of the research situation, enabling access to empirical data, distributing policy recommendations and offering resources for education lie at the heart of their work.