DigiGen develops app to gain insight in children’s online experiences


In collaboration with the University of Oslo, the DigiGen team has developed a new application for data collection. This is part of our strategy for innovative data collection and involving young people as co-researchers. The Nettskjema bilde app is developed to collect communication diaries from children and young people involved in the project on their everyday experiences related to the use of ICT. It allows participants to send images and observations to a secure server. In addition, it allows the researchers to distribute surveys and tasks to the participants. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple store and Google play store.

Innovative research methods and active involvement of children and young people in the research are important aspects of the DigiGen project. Data collection through the newly developed app adds to the mixed-methods approach of DigiGen. In addition to traditional research methods like systematic literature reviews, secondary quantitative data analysis, interviews and focus groups DigiGen applies collaborative ethnography, netnography and digital storytelling workshop in its endeavour to understand the digital transformation of young lives.

The Nettskjema bilde app will be used to collect comparative data for a variety of purposes, in different countries and languages. By using this app, the project intends to further understand how young people spend their leisure time with a particular focus on online leisure time (e.g. social media, video games, etc.) and how this affects their well-being and (mental) health. In addition, we will explore different perspectives on ICT use within families, and the motivations, causes and means that young people find appropriate and meaningful for what they perceive as civic participation (as digital citizens).

Young people involved in the project will receive a series of tasks and questions from DigiGen encouraging them to perform research on their own online activities. Via the app they will be able to give unique insights into their digital lives, while still in full control over the information they wish to share with the project.

At the moment, the app is fully operational and is being piloted for use in DigiGen in December.