DigiGen Final Conference


Brussels 8th November 2022, 09:00-17:00 (by invitation only)

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DigiGen brings together three years of research into how technological transformation is affecting children and young people’s everyday lives with a final conference in Brussels. The conference aims to bring DigiGen findings and corresponding policy recommendations to EU policymakers, technology industry, and civil society. DigiGen has highlighted that we must look at the digital transition through a social lens. For all children to be able to reap the rewards of the digital era, we must ensure that:

  • All children and young people have access to digital devices, connectivity, and to a digital environment that enables their active participation as digital citizens
  • All children and young people are supported in developing digital competences (digital skills, media literacy, and social competences)

This conference comes at an important time for discussing children and young people’s digital realities. Earlier this year, the European Commission adopted the updated Better Internet for Kids (BIK+) Strategy. We hope that DigiGen can support the European Commission and Member States in implementing the Strategy, especially ensuring that the opportunities digitalisation brings for fostering children’s wellbeing and development are sufficiently acknowledged. DigiGen has further exposed the digital divides that are preventing many children and young people across Europe from participating in the digital environment. We welcome and support Member States in realising the recommendations of the EU Child Guarantee which aims to ensure that all children in Europe have access to essential services (including digital access and competences).

The conference will:

  • Present DigiGen’s approach to understanding the long-term effects of ICT use on child development and about the practices that maximise risks, minimise risks, and maximise benefits
  • Conduct deep dives into policy and practice, sharing key DigiGen resources such as the DigiGen toolkit and interactive map
  • Highlight through a series of policy roundtables how policymakers, industry, and civil society must come together to support children in the digital era

The programme can be found here.