ICT usage across Europe – a literature review and an overview of existing data

ICT usage across Europe

This working paper consists of two main parts: a literature review on the four main research areas DigiGen is about (family life, leisure time, education and civic participation) and an overview of existing databases in relation to ICT and the extent to which such data allows the analysis of children at-risk groups.

Authors: Sara Ayllón, Monica Barbovschi, Gianna Casamassima, Kerstin Drossel, Birgit Eickelmann, Cosmin Ghețău, Teo Paul Haragus, Halla Bjork Holmarsdottir, Christer Hyggen, Olaf Kapella, Athina Karatzogianni, Samuel Lado, Diane Levine, Theresa Lorenz, Louise Mifsud, Dimitris Parsanoglou, Sonja Port, Merike Sisask, Maria Symeonaki, Gertha Teidla-Kunitsõn