DigiGen’s scientific and public engagement- examples of the team’s activities during the past six months


As we entered the final year of the project, we are now in a position to start sharing our findings to key stakeholders. Here are some examples of how we have been spreading the word to research, policy, industry partners, and the public over the last six months

Crossing the pond to share DigiGen insights at the CIES conference in Minneapolis

DigiGen and CIES joint organised a session titled ‘Moving beyond the digital divide: Understanding digital inequalities and the effects on youth and digital literacy’. This session allowed us to bring DigiGen research to an international research audience.

FORUM for the ICT Coalition for Children Online

COFACE Families Europe presented DigiGen findings to a coalition of industry partners such as Meta, Twitter, TikTok, and others. Technology companies have a great deal of influence over children and young people’s experiences using digital technologies. It is essential for us to develop policy recommendations from our research which support these companies.

DigiGen researchers bring their insights to the Norwegian public

Idunn Seland and Christer Hyggen, OsloMet, share with the Norwegian newspaper ‘Aftenposten’ their insights on moral panic, generational conflicts, and children’s use of digital technologies. The news article in Norwegian can be accessed here.

DigiGen cited in the European Commission’s BIK+ strategy

In May 2022, the European Commission adopted its updated Better Internet for Kids Strategy (BIK+). We are pleased to see our research on the extent of digital deprivation in Europe highlighted in this piece of work.

Digital Citizenship Plus Seminar Series Number 6

Greta Gudmundsdottir, University of Oslo, joined speakers from the European Commission, UNESCO and the University of Hong Kong to discuss digital literacy- conceptualisation, measurement and policy implications.

European Commission Alliance: connecting with EU policy developments

COFACE Families Europe attended the latest meeting of the Alliance which brings industry, EU policy makers, and civil society together to support children and young people in the digital environment. The Commission presented the updated Better Internet for Kids (BIK+) Strategy and the implications for children in the Digital Services Act where political agreement was reached earlier this spring.