Sharing and developing knowledge between EU projects on the impact of technological transformation on children and young people


In May, DigiGen came together with three other EU projects (ySKILLS, Digymatex, and CO:RE) working on the impacts of technological transformation on children and young people to share and develop our insights between the four projects. Discussions focused on the themes of:

  • Vulnerability, digital literacy, and resilience
  • Developing ethics and methods when working with children and young people
  • Understanding emerging topics and research needs

Laura Sorvala captured our thoughts with live illustrations, a couple of which you can see below.

We are very grateful to the City of Oslo for celebrating our research and recognising the importance of cross-project knowledge sharing. Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo, welcomed us to their city hall for our closing reception. The Rådhuset is well-known for holding the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, so it was a special place for us all to gather.

To a large extent, the influence of digitalisation seems to be of a positive nature: One of learning new things, meeting with friends, being able to express yourself in new ways – not only to your friends but in the public. Mastering digital tools requires practice, but it gives seemingly endless opportunities, and is part of growing up today.”

Marianne Borgen

Thank you to all four projects, the City of Oslo, and to the University of Oslo for this opportunity to connect, develop, and increase the joint-impact of our research.